CALM Committee Rosters

Thanks to the individuals who volunteered to plan this conference.

All questions should go to the CALM conference email address.

If you are trying to reach a specific committee, please put the committee name in the email subject line.

Steering Committee

Monique Clark

Dani Brecher Cook

Kelli Johnson

Maoria Kirker

Jennifer Knievel

Diann Smothers

Communications Committee

Tarida Anantachai

Kat Bell

Melanie Bopp

Sarah Fancher

Maoria Kirker

Julie Shen

Shawn Smith-Cruz

Logistics Committee

Jayne Blodgett

Stacy Brinkman

Michael Gutierrez

Alex Henle

Amy Harris Houk

Kelli Johnson

Ingrid Ruffin

Gerie Ventura

Program Planning Committee

Veronica Arellano Douglas

Lori Birrell

Amanda Click

Heather James

Jennifer Knievel

Mei Mendez

Rick Stoddart

Chimene Tucker

Resources Committee

Sarah Cruz

Elise Ferer

Tricia MacKenzie

Brianna Marshall

Anna Sandelli

Diann Smothers

Christine Welter

Technology Committee

Andrew Carlos

Dani Brecher Cook

Billie Cotterman

Shanti Freundlich

Ed Hill

Rebecca Kuglitsch

Nicole Thomas

Website Committee

Monique Clark

Mikala Narlock

Renna Redd

Sarah Wade