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The call for volunteers is now open through September 22, 2023 at noon Eastern.

CALM Steering provides the following ideas to consider when submitting the volunteer form. These ideas are meant to outline expectations of volunteers and to help volunteers maximize their experience.


  • Different committees are busy during different times of the year. Most committees meet monthly during the months leading up to the conference. Below provides some approximate information on time commitment for each committee.

    • Communications shares monthly responsibilities for managing social media and website and has a steady stream of work throughout the year. Communications is absorbing Resources in 2024. The meeting schedule is TBD.

    • Logistics has a few hours of work each month leading up to the conference and provides support the week of. Logistics will meet Thursdays, 1-2PM EST: Oct - Feb: First Thurs of the month; March - May: Bi-weekly with first meeting on March 7th.

    • Program Planning is busiest before and after the Call for Proposals, approximately 5 months before the conference. Program Planning will meet bi-weekly Thursdays, 1pm EST.

    • Technology is busy right before and during the week of the conference. Technology's first meeting will be Dec 15th, 2pm EST, then will meet monthly Dec 2023 to March 2024, then bi-weekly April to May.

    • Proposal Reviewer is busy after the closing of the Call for Proposals, approximately for one month.

  • Committee volunteers will be expected to use Slack to communicate with their committees and Steering Committee liaisons. This does not apply to Proposal Reviewers.

  • Committees will have members from across the country, providing a way to meet others in the field and requiring the negotiation of meeting times across different time zones.

  • We expect all volunteers to step up and complete work as needed. We understand unexpected things will come up and encourage open communication to ensure care of ourselves and conference responsibilities. 

  • Committee responsibilities provide experience with new systems and working structures that are not always accessible through traditional library jobs.

  • Volunteers will receive advance access to registration to CALM 2024.

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